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Software is great (we live it every day!), but you're probably not building it for fun. You have goals. You need to achieve something. At MetzOhanian we get that. We don't just write software, we write software that gets things done. Things your business needs to move forward. That's why we work with an entrepreneurial attitude that keeps the focus on what matters: your business outcomes, not technology.

Helping businesses succeed is our expertise. Whether you're improving your existing internal operations or trying to get your initial product out to customers, MetzOhanian can help you convert business goals into business accomplishments. Software is the tool we use, but we never lose sight of what we're really trying to achieve together.

Our Services

Business Automation

Free time to find and focus on new opportunities by automating the daily maintenance routines that keep your business humming.

Mobile Apps

Business has gone mobile. We can help you ship new products to market or extend your existing products onto mobile platforms.

Software/Hardware Integration

Don't let your machinery be a black box. Build software that operates and monitors hardware to better integrate your it with the rest of your company.

Web Apps

Create mission-critical applications that can be to be delivered to customers or business units anywhere in the world. Our full-cycle process will take you from design to deployment.

Systems Integration

Every business has software that's perfect for its job, but just doesn't play well with others. We integrate systems to help your teams break out of their silos and share data and workflows across the business.

Technology Consulting

Sometimes you're not even sure what you need. Our consulting team can step in to understand your business and provide you with a path forward for solving difficult problems.

What do our clients have to say?

MetzOhanian picked up our legacy system and designed its replacement. Client satisfaction is high for the new version of our software, and our users tell us our system is easy to use for hospital staff. Their workload has been reduced by 50%.

Anngail Smith CRG Medical

Our Clients